About me

For a period of time I have struggled to understand what my work path is. I have been artistic since my childhood, drawing in my sketchbooks, but somehow I ended up studying International Relations.

Now I am a designer. I find stability and peace within my work. It allows me to create a system that works for businesses and people in general. Thus why I tend to design for people.
I am a freelance designer who make websites, identity for brands, packaging and print design, such as posters, magazines, ads etc.
My background and expertise in International Relations help me to better understand people’s needs and the result they are willing to pay for. I would define my style as minimal and functional. Another thing that brings me enormous amount of joy is cooking. It teaches me to be attentive to details, if you pour more than needed — your dish is gone. Also I find it quite satisfying to capture moments of life on my 35mm retro camera.